A Mat

Materials Handling

O.Kay Engineering designs and builds custom Materials Handling Equipment & Waste Conveyors  to match your exact application. Working in distribution centres, customer fulfillment centres, paper mills, alternative fuel plants, the converting sector, at printers and back-of-store, our conveyors and materials handling systems are the backbone of every industry they serve.  See how we can help you.


B MrfMRFs and Sorting Plants

MRFs made easy!  That’s our promise to you.  We offer everything from picking lines to fully automated sorting plants for all waste types.  Whatever your material, budget, footprint or throughput, we can quickly deliver a customised solution. As a British design-and-build plant manufacturer with over 250 MRFs operating in the UK today, we have the experience you require to recover profit from the following UK waste streams.


C EfwEnergy from Waste Plants

Are you looking to produce RDF for E-f-W outlets, or high-quality SRF?  Do you need a feeder system or a baling/wrapping line?  Whatever your requirement, our fuel production plants are built to meet your output specification while working to the lowest operating costs.  Whether it’s fuel for the UK or overseas, baled or loose, we can help – click here   


D SecSecurity Shredding Plants

Setting up Secure Destruction Plants requires specialist knowledge and tough equipment.  Our experience in this sensitive field is unrivaled and our customised turnkey plants will ensure your customers have total confidence in our robust process.


E UpgUpgrades

Do you have an existing plant that needs an efficiency boost, or more tonnage capacity?  We can help.  Our customised design-and-build UPGRADE process means we can transform your current operation to meet your new performance requirements.


A1a ConConveyors

Our conveyors operate as the back bone of so many industries.  Find out more about them by type here.