Material Recycling Facilities

MRFs For All Waste Types  

At O.Kay Engineering we handle every enquiry as a bespoke system. We understand every customer is different. Whether it is:

    1. The space available
    2. The type & amount of material to process
    3. The end quality requirements

O.Kay Engineering will design and build a bespoke system tailored exactly to your requirements.

As a British design-and-build plant manufacturer with over 250 MRFs operating in the UK today, we have the experience you require to recover profit from all UK waste Streams.

All O.Kay Engineering MRFs are:

Multi-material: your customers don’t all produce the same materials so you need your MRF to cope with more than one waste stream

Reliable: your customers don’t stop producing waste – ever – so your MRF cannot be down

Flexible: no two incoming trucks of waste are ever the same so your MRF cannot constantly stop when non-spec items/batches are processed.

Safe: your MRF must evolve, form and perform to UK H&S standards.