Logistics & DCs Waste Conveyors

Are you a DC, CFC, 3PL or a System Integrator with waste materials headaches?

If your current or future product storage system produces card or shrinkwrap as by-products, we can help.

Our robust waste conveyors are designed and built to order so that waste materials are removed from any pick/store system to boost productivity.  Whether the main system is Autostore, automated totes, automated order fulfillment or general storage, our tailored interface ensures the ergonomic and easy capture of waste materials and wickers them away for cost-effective recycling.

We offer an all-in-one supply of bespoke waste conveyors, chutes and balers/compactors that integrate with your central design or existing systems to ensure the efficient separation of high-revenue waste materials.

Let us transform your headache into income with our waste conveyor solutions.