Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)

A combination of environmental and financial drivers has ensured the development of a booming RDF market throughout the UK.

Are you interested in moving towards a zero landfill solution?

Do you have residual waste that is currently sent to 3rd party fuel preparation sites or landfills?

Do your customers want to know what happens to their waste?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘YES’ then O.Kay Engineering can help. We have extensive experience delivering purpose built bespoke RDF facilities across the UK. We can upgrade current facilities, build extensions to existing processes, or develop a brand new process.

Our design for your facility will be determined by a wide variety of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Tonnages
  • Capital & Operational Budgets
  • Labour Availability

End Fuel Specifications
Your Material

We will prioritise the things that are most important to you, ensuring the plant is designed will work for you today and for the future.

Blakeley’s Case Study